3 Ways To Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Naturally

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3 Ways To Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Naturally | Start Understanding the Common Diseases and Fight Back


3 Ways To Cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Naturally

Carpal tunnel is a nagging tenseness, pain or discomfort in the wrist that is the result of constant motion or use. A lot of people who work with quick fire movements with their wrists suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, including dentists, hair dressers, writers and others. It is a condition that affects up to 6 percent of people and can be healed by taking advantage of some of the following remedies.

Schedule Breaks From Work

One of the best ways to ease the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome is to be conscious of what is causing it. If you are suffering from it due to constant time at the keyboard, you should make a point to step away from typing for at least 10 minutes for every hour. This small rest break will allow you to preserve your wrists and prevent further pain or inflammation.

Acupuncture Treatment

With acupuncture treatments, your body is filled with tiny needles in order to relieve pressure in certain meridians within the body. Many people who suffer from conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome take advantage of acupuncture treatments to heal the pain. For acupuncture treatment, you will pay between $60 and $120.

Take Health Supplements

If you’re looking to get rid of carpal tunnel syndrome by natural means, you can give yourself a helping hand by taking advantage of natural supplements. Some of the following supplements will be valuable in helping you to fight carpal tunnel syndrome.

  1. Fish Oil Omega 3 Fatty Acid Caplets – These supplements are great, because they allow you to increase blood flow and cut down on inflammation throughout the body.
  2. Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 – Studies show that a lack of vitamin B6 intake can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. In order to counteract deficiencies, include vitamin B6 caplets into your diet, or include B6 rich foods like brown rice, avocado and sweet potato to your diet. Further, studies show that adding vitamin B12 to your diet can also counteract carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.
  3. Bromelain – This enzyme supplement features anti inflammatory properties and will allow you to cure some symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

When you follow these tips for curing your carpal tunnel syndrome, you will be well on your way toward alleviating the pain that you have been experiencing. This will be great for you on both a personal and professional level, so begin incorporating these tips today. If these natural remedies don’t work for you, consult with a clinic like Kleiser Therapy.

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