A Note From Rosemary Kleiser, OTR/L, CHT

Founder and Chief Therapist

rosemary kleiser therapy, hand arm shoulder therapy oak brook ilThanks to so many of you who have supported us over the last 28 years. We could not have made it without your trust in the work we do.

In many ways, it doesn’t seem like 28 years ago that I started Kleiser Therapy, focusing exclusively on upper extremity injuries. I started by seeing patients in their homes, with my Nissan Stanza as my office. Not long after that simple beginning, I opened the first Kleiser Therapy clinic (which was located in Westchester). And we’ve kept going ever since.

Why did I start Kleiser Therapy? I have a passion for treating hand, arm, and shoulder injuries, and I was determined to provide better care for patients. My goal was to develop and implement treatment programs that focused more time on each specific injury. And, I wanted to get each patient the best results possible, faster, and with less chance of re-injury. Those goals continue to be our number one priority.

Our specialists focus exclusively on hand, arm, and shoulder rehabilitation. This focus enables us to know firsthand which specific combinations of treatments achieve the best results, fast, and with less chance of the injury or condition recurring.

After 25 years, that commitment & passion still burn as strong as ever in me…as well as in each of our Occupational Therapists and Certified Hand Therapists. We truly love what we do.

Every day, we combine our commitment to providing exceptional care with everything we’ve learned over the last 25 years. This includes new therapy techniques…new approaches to splinting and bracing…and our firsthand knowledge of which combinations of treatments and exercises REALLY get the best results for each specific injury & condition. We can get results when other treatments have not worked.

If you have a hand, arm, or shoulder injury, I invite you to give us a call in any of our four locations to get more information or to schedule a free injury screening.

And see for yourself the real difference our specialists (and our 26 years of experience) can make.

Rosemary Kleiser OTR/L, CHT

75 Executive Drive
Suite 103
Aurora, IL 60504
fax: 630-236-7631

Oak Brook
2803 Butterfield Road
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fax: 630-572-6314

15947 W. 127th Street
Suite G
Lemont, IL 60439
fax: 630-257-0290


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