Boxer’s Fracture (Fifth Metacarpal Fracture)

Kleiser Therapy treats Boxer's Fracture

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Fifth Metacarpal Fractures, also known as “Boxer’s Fractures,” are injuries that occur along the largest knuckle of the small finger. In most cases this injury is the result of the hand forcefully contacting an immovable or firm object. Common with teens and in sports, the term boxer’s fracture arises out of its high incidence with punching injuries.

When a fist is clenched and moving forward, the small and ring fingers typically make first contact with objects. During impact, the force compresses the 5th knuckle, often causing a fracture with the head of the metacarpal bone.

Treatment for Boxer’s Fracture depends upon the severity of the injury. In minor cases, casting and immobilization are required to allow for proper bone healing. Customized splinting to maintain proper support is often required. In more severe cases where bony angulation has occurred, the fracture may need to be re-aligned surgically. In either case, hand therapy is usually required to increase range of motion, strengthen the hand, and improve function. Customized splinting to maintain proper support is often required as well.

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