Find Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief At Home

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You might have carpal tunnel syndrome if you’re feeling pain, tingling and other sensations in your hands, wrist and/or fingers. If you have severe carpal tunnel syndrome, you might need to visit a specialist for carpal tunnel therapy. But in the beginning stages of carpal tunnel or in addition to other treatments, you can benefit from some treatment methods that are easy to do from home.

Get Moving

Simply using your hands and wrists consistently, especially in the same repetitive motion, can aggravate carpal tunnel symptoms. When you’re feeling these symptoms, the Mayo Clinic website suggests that you take a break from those activities for a while, and move and stretch your wrists and hands.

Use Tools for Relief

WebMD recommends using a wrist splint while you sleep during the night to keep your wrist in a safe position and to take pressure off the nerve that causes pain in carpal tunnel syndrome, called the median nerve. Another option is to use an ice pack on your wrist when you’re experiencing symptoms. They also suggest applying ice one to two times per hour for 10 to 15 minutes each time.

Utilize Yoga

Some yoga techniques can help you stretch your fingers, hands, wrists and shoulders to relieve carpal tunnel. Certified Yoga Teacher Aimee Tanon recommends on MindBodyGreen that you perform the Cat-Cow Stretch and the Prayer Position. Here are the techniques to perform these poses:
•Cat-Cow Stretch: Go on your hands and knees on the floor with your wrists sitting directly below your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips. Breathe in as you lift your head, chest and tailbone up, bringing your belly down. Breathe out as you arch your back and bring your head down so you are looking at your belly. Go back and forth between the two poses until you feel relief, moving along with your natural breathing.
•Prayer Position Stretch: Lift your hands up to your chest and press your palms together in front of your sternum. Keep the bottom of your palms together as you slowly move your hands down toward your belly, which should cause you to feel a stretch in your wrists. Stay in that position for one to two minutes.

Now you know a few techniques you can do from home to ease your carpal tunnel pain and tingling. Try these whenever you feel the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, but be sure to see a health professional if your symptoms won’t go away or worsen.

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