Finger (Phalanx) and Hand Fractures

Kleiser Therapy treats finger phalanx and hand fractures

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While the fingers and hands enable us to interact with our environment, they are also susceptible to injury due to their interactive nature. The fingers (also known as phalanges) and the hand are made up of a number of small bones that can be easily fractured. Whether they are slammed in car doors, hit by balls, or stepped on, our hands and fingers absorb a great deal of punishment.

A wide array of options exists for treating fractures. For simple fractures, immobilization through casting or splinting is often effective for healing. More difficult fractures may require surgery and, in the case of fingers, can involve the insertion of K-wires to correct the deformity.

In most cases, your physician will recommend consultation with a hand therapist to begin treatment and to have the appropriate splints made. Due to the extreme importance of the hand and fingers in everyday use, it is imperative that therapy begin immediately. This helps to ensure that the fingers and hand return to maximum function, range of motion, and strength.

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