What Our Patients Have to Say

“I came here with chronic shoulder pain. I have been to two other physical therapists for this same problem previously. I have achieved the best results here at Kleiser Therapy. My pain is much less now than it has been in years!” – Diane B.

“I want to thank you for your superb and professional treatment after my shoulder surgery. You kept me motivated to work harder during my four and a half months of rehab. There were times when I thought I would never recover, but you found a way to push and motivate me to try harder. Thanks to all of you, I can say, I am recovered and ready to resume all activities.” – Stephen J.

“I worked in acute rehabilitation facilities for 17 years. This facility, therapists, and staff are outstanding!” – Margaret T.

“I walked in with a cast on my left arm recovering from tendon and ligament reconstruction in my wrist. My surgery restricted not only the sport activities, but simple things like cooking, cleaning, and bathing. It was all so overwhelming… Today I’m lifting weights at the gym, vacuuming the house, and cooking up a storm. Who would have thought I would go from standing with a board-stiff arm to playing racquetball at the gym just three months of therapy later!” – Tracy W.

“I was in bad shape with no use of my right index finger. I could not cut my food or use that finger in stirring or cutting in food preparation due to the pain. I had a pyrocarbon joint replacement performed and now have full use of my finger. The therapists were very patient with me. They kept me on track and created new splints as I progressed. They kept me positive by providing encouragement even with small gains. I always looked forward to coming into therapy because they made it a positive experience. I got to know other patients and we teased each other to do more. This is my third time of treating with Kleiser for different conditions. They are wonderful, and if needed (I hope not) I’ll be back.” – Joanne G., Registered Nurse

“I came into Kleiser with an elbow injury and hoped that the therapy would help me get over the swelling and pain. Well, it has exceeded my expectations, especially since during the therapy I was re-diagnosed with having a partially-ruptured bicep tendon when I received my elbow injury. This has also gotten much better with the assistance and care of the therapists at Kleiser. My son and daughter have also received great results here!” – Jeff P.

”When I first came to Kleiser for hand therapy, my hands were both swollen, red, and painful. My rheumatologist had me on drug therapy and agreed to let me try OT. The occupational therapy did more to help my osteoarthritis than any of the drugs I had been taking. After 3 months of therapy 3 times per week, I feel I have made significant improvement. I am definitely pleased with the results…thanks to my therapists.” – Susan T.

“I want to thank you and your staff and express my gratitude for the wonderful professional care you provided to me over the past few months. When my orthopedic surgeon sent me to your clinic, it was my last hope to treat my shoulder problem before almost sure surgery to replace both my shoulders due to degenerative conditions after years of pain. However, I am delighted to tell you that based on Kleiser’s professional therapy and treatment, my doctor has suggested that I may never need shoulder replacement. I confirmed this diagnosis with a second opinion from another specialist doctor. So again, please express my gratitude to your staff for their very able support.” – Bill B.

“I have tennis elbow from many different activities including tennis, golf, and pottery…My elbow hurt doing normal activities such as opening a jar, lifting a plate, hanging decorations, and gripping a sponge. I am amazed at the improvement I have seen and felt in 4 weeks of therapy. I am able to do regular activities, including throwing a pot. I attribute my success to keeping a regular schedule for therapy, doing my exercises at home, as well as the knowledge of the therapists at Kleiser….thanks for helping me. With the positive attitude that radiates from your staff, it was easy to improve my elbow.” – Anne G.

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