CMC Arthritis

Carpo-Metacarpal Arthritis, commonly known as CMC Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and Basal Joint Arthritis, is a common and painful condition that affects the area around the base of the thumb.

The thumb’s design, along with the pressure and wear & tear placed on the appendage over time, can make the joint of the thumb prone to arthritis. The CMC joint is located at the base of the thumb where the first metacarpal bone meets the trapezium bone. Because of its high degree of mobility, the CMC joint is suspect to developing arthritis and causing a great deal of pain. CMC Arthritis tends to affect women more than men.

Kleiser Therapy treats CMC Arthritis

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Several treatments can be used based on the severity of the condition. For acute and early stages of CMC Arthritis, your physician may prescribe pain medications or injections to help decrease the discomfort. A custom splint created by a therapist may also be prescribed to stabilize the joint and provide support as the thumb is used, which can significantly decrease the pain.

For more advanced stages of CMC Arthritis, your physician may prescribe surgery to help alleviate the chronic pain. Hand therapy is usually required following the procedure to assist in regaining motion, strength, and function.

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