Kleiser Therapy helps with your hand, arm, and shoulder rehabilitation and physical therapy needsKleiser Therapy helps with your hand, arm, and shoulder rehabilitation and physical therapy needsKleiser Therapy helps with your hand, arm, and shoulder rehabilitation and physical therapy needs

Your Rehabilitation Program

When you come to Kleiser Therapy for treatment, you can expect your time in therapy to be well-utilized.

Each patient’s therapy program will be customized to meet their specific needs and requirements.   From our experience in working with thousands of patients with upper extremity injuries, we know which combinations of treatments and exercises will work best for each specific injury and condition.

Although each program will be different, all of them will generally follow a similar format that includes the following elements:

Initial Evaluation – Prior to the start of your rehabilitation, we will complete a comprehensive initial assessment of your injury or condition, taking computerized baseline measurements relating to pain, function, strength and range-of-motion.  This    information helps us to identify limitations you have and determine the exercises and treatments that will be most effective in helping you achieve the best results possible.

Before your next physician’s visit, we will re-evaluate these factors to identify the progress made since your last evaluation.  This information and our recommendations for treatment will then be forwarded to your physician and others on your care team as required.

Warm-up – Prior to starting your exercise program, you will probably receive either a moist heat or dry heat treatment.  This helps to increase blood flow to the injured area and prepares your body for exercise.

Clinical Rehabilitation Program – Using state-of-the-art equipment and proven therapy techniques, a therapist will set you up on a series of exercises, stretches, and modalities specifically designed to treat your  injury or condition.  We will work with you as you go through each step of your program.  Based on your progress, the treatments will be modified and adjusted to help achieve optimal results.

Home Exercise Program – For each specific injury or condition, you will likely have a home exercise program that you will do when away from the clinic.  This home program will help build-up your range of motion, strength, and stamina in the affected areas, and it will help you maintain the gains you make in your therapy sessions in the clinic.

After your complete your rehabilitation program, your home exercise program can help you maintain your flexibility and strength while helping to prevent a recurrence of your injury or condition.

We encourage our patients to ask any questions they have about their injury or their treatment program, even they’ve asked the same questions several times before.  The more you understand about your treatment program, the better you can focus on getting the most out of your therapy program.

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