Kleiser Therapy treats arm, hand, and wrist injuriesKleiser Therapy treats arm, hand, and wrist injuriesKleiser Therapy treats the hand and wrist

About Kleiser Therapy

Kleiser Therapy Services, P.C. is a full service, independent therapy clinic specializing exclusively in hand, arm, and shoulder rehabilitation.  We are proud to be one of the oldest, largest, and most-trusted specialized rehabilitation clinics in the Chicago area.  

Founded by Rosemary Kleiser, OTR/L, CHT in 1986, our philosophy is to provide the finest rehabilitation services to each of our patients in a stimulating, supportive environment with personalized treatment programs customized to each specific injury or condition.

Our staff of specialists includes Certified Hand Therapists and Occupational Therapists who have the experience, the knowledge, the creativity, and the PASSION to create and implement comprehensive treatment programs to meet each patient’s specific needs.  We have over 140 years of combined experience in treating upper extremity injuries.  We know which treatments work best for each type of injury or condition, and we use this knowledge to customize a treatment plan for each patient’s needs.

Kleiser Therapy has successfully treated thousands of patients with upper extremity injuries from all walks of life with one thing in common…the desire to get the most from their rehabilitation program.  Our goal is to provide exceptional therapy that achieves the best recovery of range of motion, strength, and functionality possible.  Whether the focus is to return to a particular sport, return to work, or just be able to do normal everyday activity again, we work closely with each patient to achieve the best long-term results possible.

Where you go for rehabilitation is an extremely important decision. Because of the differences between each rehabilitation provider’s experience in treating specific injuries, their specialization, the expertise of the therapy staff, and their approach to treatment, this choice can have a significant impact on the rehabilitation results you achieve.  This can mean the difference between just regaining use of  the injured area compared to being able to return to the work, sports, and activities you do every day. 

Injuries happen at all ages in life.  We’ve treated patients as young as 2 weeks and as old as 92, with each program tailored to the specific injury and needs of the patient.

Whether the injury is a result of sports, work or everyday life, we work closely with the patient, the physician, and others on the rehabilitation team to help achieve exceptional rehabilitation results.

Kleiser Therapy accepts worker’s comp, most major insurance plans, and Medicare for treatment.  We will also do the work in coordinating with the patient’s insurance to get the rehabilitation approved and processed.

Because it is so important, we invite you to call us to schedule a free screening and see what the specialists at Kleiser Therapy can do for your specific injury.

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